Performance project together with the  La Mojigata Catering crew. They invited me for one of their breakfast events. We baked some XXXL cookies witch I…

Working meetings, workshops and conferences: complex ideas come out and it could be difficult to see the “whole picture”. Let me help you! Communicate complex content in a…

Acrilic on paper 2 70×90 pieces forming am amazing dypthic I would like to paint one for you. Dare me! Your livingroom will never be…

HQ print on extremely beautiful paper. 21x30cm (60€+Shipping)

Silkscreen on paper 250gr. 50x40cm (200€ + shipping)

High quallity print on paper 200gr. 20x30cm (80 €+Shipping)

6 Postcards 10x15cm. HQ print on 300gr paper. (15€ + Shipping)

Original drawing!!!! Ink on paper. 30x40cm. (120€)

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