Towell Collection 2019. Limited to pieces.

I made a scarf. It collected 34 stories. Each story belonged to one of the 34 participants of this workshop. Medialab Prado 2019.

Comisioned by Madrid Goverment. 2015.   Maa Balanya      

Performance project together with the  La Mojigata Catering crew. They invited me for one of their breakfast events. We baked some XXXL cookies witch I…

Working meetings, workshops and conferences: complex ideas come out and it could be difficult to see the “whole picture”. Let me help you! Communicate complex content in a…

Acrilic on paper 2 70×90 pieces forming am amazing dypthic I would like to paint one for you. Dare me! Your livingroom will never be…

HQ print on extremely beautiful paper. 21x30cm (60€+Shipping)

Maria got pregnant. I made 1 drawing each week. You can see how her belly growing

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