I make use of

drawing as a tool to satisfy my obsession with looking and understanding.

Drawing helps me catalog, record, understand, and voyeurise.

Recently, drawings have been used as a recording tool, whether permanent or ephemeral. In “kata Guruma” (2021), commissioned by CA2M (Museum of Contemporary Art of Móstoles), drawing serves as an ephemeral archive of the artistic action carried out in collaboration with Aitana Cordero. In “40 party images” (2019), within the opening day of Veranos de la Villa, I intervened on summer garments with the images that I collected during the party and blended them with the imaginary of ‘The Garden of Earthly Delights’.

I seek to merge drawing with industrial design, crafts, or editorial design. My work in textiles and ceramics involves transforming drawings in accordance with the way these objects are made. In 2016 I was commissioned by the Madrid Regional Government to design a tile mural for the La Latina subway station that claims the craftmanship of painted tiles as a means of contemporary creation.

I like:

and everything that is bright and colorful.

I like to explain with drawings the feeling of being alive.
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